Morgan P.


This blog is to inspire.  Baby Morgan’s life started off really rough.  It was a tough beginning but thru it all she strived and is here and she’s my daily inspiration. I created this blog for her and to bring awareness to preemie issues. I’ve never shared much with anyone, all that my girl has been thru but it’s time and I’m ready.  Prematurity is an epidemic and more awareness to an issue that kills babies everyday is important.  If you want to get involved or find out more – March of Dimes is an amazing organization. Click the link here to find out more information.

Before Morgan’s birth…I knew nothing of prematurity. Now, I am an advocate, mother of a survivor and volunteer trying to bring awareness.

Morgan Penelope was a Micro-Preemie. Meaning that she was born weighing less than 1 pound, 12 ounces (800 grams) and before 26 weeks gestation.  Morgan was born at 24 weeks and 5 days (so almost 25 weeks) and was only a mere 750 grams.  She was born via C-Section. Coded at birth and was revived, causing her severe lung damage and internal trauma. She immediately was moved to the NICU, where her almost 140 day journey to recuperation would begin. During that duration, she developed Chronic Lung Disease as a result of her prematurity, IVH Grade 4 Brain Bleed, had 3 chest tubes, developed Hydrocephalus,  Loss use of some of her vision due to pressure on her brain, had 3 major surgeries (included receiving a Ventricular Access Device (VAD), Programmable Shunt & G-Tube).

Morgan was transferred to Children’s National Medical Center and was saved by pure determination on her part and by the amazing team of Doctors, Physician Assistant’s, Nurses, Specialist and Medical Technicians. She wouldn’t be here without her them and her amazing team.  We were lucky to have been gifted two absolutely amazing consistent nurses (Jamie & Katie) and I swear without them, I myself wouldn’t have made it thru the NICU journey.

We went thru the ringer with doctors telling us daily that she wouldn’t survive. That we should pull the plug because her quality of life, would be limited.  Her father and I decided days after birth – that we would take our chances and let fate be the judge.  It paid off. Morgan is a striving, inquisitive, smart, happy, smiling, loving baby girl. She is an angel and I’m so extremely grateful for her survival. It was purely her choice and she’s here because of it.

Photos of Morgan Penelope: (please be warned that some are extremely graphic)


“Morgan’s Birthday” She was no more than a few hours old.


This is touch picture. She again was only a few hours old but her finger barely fit on a digit of her fathers fingers.


This picture and the above set are photos of Morgan with hydro. 

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L’Erin & Morgan