About Mom

IMG_7155Hey Everyone… I feel a little weird even trying to give an “About Me” but here goes.  Let’s see what can I tell you about myself.  I’m a working mother with a beautiful daughter. DONE. Just kidding. But I work everyday, I love writing (don’t get to do it as often as I’d like), mom to a preemie, I’m struggling to pay my pesky student loans (who isn’t), the most opinionated person some have ever met, an advocate for things I’m passionate about, a ridiculously obsessed animal lover, a complete and udder obsessed foodie and I adore sleep and vacations like everyone else.

I’m seriously passionate about my kid. She’s the whole reason, I’m doing any of this. I could never really find the right platform to get her story out. It’s a hell of a story. Can’t wait to share it and all the progress she’s made. I’ve had various blogs before and never really got anywhere with them but to a couple hundred or thousand followers before I would give up.  I’m hoping that this platform allows me an opportunity to speak my truths, spread love and hopefully have some folks who have gone thru or are going thru the same situations as me feel as though they aren’t alone and encourage them to share their truths too.

Some fun things about me:

  • I love movies (I mean seriously who doesn’t unless it just isn’t your thing but I love movies, all types)
  • My dream job would be something in the film industry or in some writing room somewhere creating tv magic.
  • I love ginger ale. (It’s weird but it’s my favorite soda and pretty much the only thing I drink unless I get a serious craving a coke.)
  • I’m a serious car dancer (I really enjoy music and get laughed at a lot but I care dance like crazy to good music).
  • My favorite color is Green. (specifically – Chartreuse).
  • Things I’m crushing on currently:

Thanks for following my journey too,