Introducing Jezebelle

I’ve had dogs my whole life.  Got my first dog, a schnauzer, I named Sissy Mae (because Sydney – was my close neighbor’s dog) when I was 4 years old.  From there we inherited my grandmother’s dog, Helga after her death and then my aunt’s dog Raisin when my aunt moved and couldn’t keep her. So at one point – we had 3 dogs in the house.  They’ve all since passed away but I adored each one of them.

Then when I was in college, Morgan’s dad and I got our dog – Teddy Graham. Jay hated his name because it sounded so corny but I loved it.  He had a goldish brown hair, so I felt the name fit.

Not too long after I got Teddy and my mom was feeling lonely and got her rat terrier, schnauzer mix – Izzy.  So when I moved home, it was Izzy and Teddy.

Maybe a year later, Jay and I were in New Jersey visiting his family and there was a little silky terrier mix his cousin had that was tied up to a stump.  We’ll country folks and city folks treat their pets very different, so I asked to buy the dog from him to give her a better life.  She was wild as hell and jumped everywhere, but we bonded so quickly.  I refused to leave without her.  Finally, he agreed, and she was mine. I named her Fendi. Morgan’s dad has always had a thing about how if the dog doesn’t immediately bond with him…then he kinda ignores it or doesn’t want to deal with it.  So when we bought Fendi home, I had her checked out and after a clean bill of health, she was introduced to the clan.  Teddy and Izzy – did not bond with her.  She was younger and so she wanted to play all day. They didn’t.

I’d had Fendi almost six months and we were out in the front of our house training her – she saw another dog across the street and during rush hour – she darted across and was hit.

It almost killed me.  I’ve never ever had anything like that happen. Never seen it. Never wanted to experience it.  It really crushed me and I couldn’t stand how it made me feel. I could never replace her – she was – as with all pets – one of a kind.  But a few weeks later – I felt comfortable enough to look for another dog.  This time – a puppy – silky terrier I named Shug Avery (yes from the Color Purple).  I had her for 6 years and I loved her so much. She had her own little personality.

Sadly,  when we went on vacation last month, my mom let her off the leash and she ran.  We never found her.

After a week or two, I’d kinda gotten into a rhythm of not having a pet around. Not having to wake up early, not having to let the dog out or take it for a walk, not buying food, etc. But my mother felt so bad that she was determined to find a new little pet for me.

She found “Jezzie” and she’s actually been a blessing. She adores Morgan…lets her play with her and everything, something Shug couldn’t stand. She would run, every time Morgan was on the floor.

We adopted Jezzie from an organization instead of purchasing her and I’m really happy with that decision.  Adoption is always the best.


She refused to sit still long enough for me to photograph her.

Peace, Love and Pet Adoptions,

L’Erin & Morgan

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