Sick Day…or something like it

So Tuesday was a mystery.

I usually get home, play with the baby, eat some dinner and try and relax until bedtime.  Relax as a parent to a toddler is impossible and relax being the operative word.

Somewhere around 7pm, a very playful Morgan simply climbed off her little chair and laid on the carpet, falling asleep within in moments.

Now for most, this would be heaven sent. A toddler falling asleep on their own, quick, without a fight, at 7pm. I mean cmon.

My mom noticed the odd behavior first and began to call Morgan’s name, of course, she wasn’t interested in responding.  She mentioned that it’s unusual for Morgan to be sleepy this early.  I say something along the lines of “Everyone gets sleepy, sometimes”…more or less because I’m sleepy all the damn time.

After the comment, I started to think about it and no, Morgan simply falling asleep at 7pm was not normal. I get up, I pick her up, I call her name, I stare at her and she doesn’t even flinch. No this isn’t a seizure.

I continue to hold her and semi wake her up and she simply opens her eyes every time and falls right back to sleep.

This isn’t normal.

There is an immediate feeling of unease. Maybe-just maybe this is the long-awaited and dreaded beginning of a shunt malfunction.  I was starting to freak out.

Her dad, who was going to work at 2am, simply concurs with my original thought which was that she’s just sleepy.  He thinks letting her sleep is a good idea, while i continue to have a panic attack thinking of every single scenario in which this isn’t just about being sleepy. My mom and I go over every possibility.

Did she have a hard day?
Did she eat something she shouldn’t?
NO…well wait… she was crawling on the carpet earlier. The shag style carpet we have, in which everything hides in it.

I decide we are going to make an ER visit. This idea is short lived.

The facts are… I have no idea what’s wrong with her and so when they ask…what would I say…”She’s sleepy” and then pay $5000 for a shunt MRI again so soon and test for them to say…your right Ma’m…she’s just sleepy.  When they ask about her other symptoms, what would I say? “She doesn’t have any currently”

So I decide to do the shunt check…which is looking for symptoms of a malfunction.

She’s lethargic…yes
She’s holding her head or saying her head hurts…no
She’s crying in pain…no
She’s throwing up violently…no

So currently I have nothing. 1 symptom and nothing else.

I eventually try a bottle and some water and she kinda wakes up for that. Drinks some milk and seems to be refreshed.  We play around for a minute and then….



She goes right back to sleep like nothing happened.

I don’t do throw up. I hate it. I rush to shower.

When I get out, I check her temp and it’s low 96.7. That’s no good.
I put her in the crib and continue to monitor her, all along thinking that the next symptom of a shunt malfunction will start.

Luckily…it never does.

I check on her all night. Check her temp constantly and…Boom

8am the next morning…she’s back to normal.

Mommy had to take a sick day because Morgan had a sick day.

She’s all good. Thank god.

IMG_2699 2

Peace, Love and No Malfunctions,

L’Erin and Baby Morgan


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