The Handmaid’s Tale…My Obsession

Ok, so First…If you don’t watch this show. Immediately stop what you are doing, get HULU, if you don’t have it and watch it. It’s the best 45 mins or so of your life. Terrifying but the best.


Before a couple of months ago, I wasn’t even aware of the impressiveness that is this show.  I was bored at work…YES at work…looking for something as background noise in-between assignments and happened to remember my Hulu account (those fuckers had just charged me again and I hadn’t been using it).  I remembered something about the show…but very little. I honestly had no idea what it was even about. I remember that Elisabeth Moss won a Golden Globe for it but I honestly had no idea what show they were even praising her for. I had only seen her on Mad Men…which I never liked.

But I began watching it and within the first 5 mins…I knew I was in love (terrifyingly) but in love with this show.  It’s hard to explain the connection I found with it. It’s realness, actually scared me. The fact that this type of dystopian (but not really) world could exist where woman who are fertile are used as sex pawns and men are in control of everything to the point that older women are housemaids and children are “given” to new families like cattle, with their mothers having no control over them or whatever happens to them or who they are even given too. A world were we as woman are not allowed to read. Have no control over our bodies, or what we eat, do, or anything.  The direction of the show is just amazing. The writing of the storylines, even more captivating. The show is…well…phenomenal.

The show starts off and immediately, I thought it was set in an older period of time. Like the 1800s, by the clothing choices and the way that everyone was speaking “Blessed Be” and “Praise Be” but soon you realize this shit is taking place in current time. Our current time. You eventually get a better understanding of how this happened, whose behind it and why they did it. But the anger grows every episode. The madness becomes more serious. The story is never uplifting or light-hearted but instead, always dark and deep. Sad and dreary.

James Poniewozik  of the NY Times explains it well…

“I hate to say the story is newly relevant, as if it weren’t for three decades. But face it: When you have a president who talks about women as if they were squeeze toys, who implied a tough female journalist was on her period, whose administration gathered a room full of male politicians to discuss women’s health coverage — well, the viral marketing takes care of itself. Gilead is a tyranny of nostalgia, a rape culture that denounces the previous society — ours — for degrading women with pornography. It controls women by elevating them, fetishizing motherhood, praising femininity, but defining it in terms of service to men and children.”

The show is full of emotion and I believe that’s why I’m a fan. It brings all these feelings of feminity, motherhood, the sacrifices of being a woman, sexuality, racism, colorism, anxiety and emotional distress all to the forefront and I’m hooked.

I had to go hard for my show. Check it out!

Blessed Be the Fruit…


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