Something about Motherhood


There is something about Motherhood.
It’s in the dirty diapers and spills on her clothes after just dressing her.
It’s in the late nights and early mornings.
It’s her.
It’s clipping her tiny little fingernails and toenails.
It’s her choice of things to like and dislike.
It’s in the exhausted moments of my day.
It’s the watching her sleep. Making sure she’s breathing.
It’s the going into stores, only to get one thing but buying her everything.
It’s the love my mom and dad give her.
It’s in the smile on her face the minute I say her name.
It’s the tight hugs she gives her dad. Because well…she’s a daddy’s girl.
It’s in the times where I want to give up but can’t because she needs me.
It’s the feeling of being needed.
It’s her.
It’s her wildly beautiful natural hair.
It’s the love she exudes.
It’s in the moment of needing just five minutes of peace, which is hard to come by.
It’s in the days where she gets to swim in her pool.
It’s in the fact that she made it…the fact that she stayed and is here.
It’s the hugs and kisses – just because.
It’s in how she says Ma and Mama.
It’s the silly laugh she makes.
It’s in my need to protect her…from everything. Even though, I know I can’t. I will never stop trying.
It’s the faces she makes when she hears me come in the door after a long day.
It’s her eyes. Her absolutely beautiful eyes.
It’s the way she bites the nipple and smiles when I take it from her.
It’s in those temper tantrums…that I secretly love.
It’s the love, I have for her. So unconditional.
It’s the fact that she’s mine.
It’s her.
It’s in those moments that I realize how lucky I am to be able to experience Motherhood.


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