Summer Time Fun


One of my favorite things in the entire world is swimming.  I’m pretty sure, I’ve birthed my swim twin.  A couple of years ago, I bought Morgan a baby pool, just to see if she had swim legs.  And she absolutely took to the water immediately.  She seemed to love the water.  I mean she loved baths but having her in open water where she could splash around and move freely (well with one of us holding her), she took to it so well.  So I immediately ran out and bought every bathing suit and toddler floaters that I could find. We spent the entire first summer she was home, swimming and it was amazing.

Backstory –  About 10 years ago my dad built a pond in our backyard.  It’s a really nice feature but it creates a lot of mosquitos and bugs. I dislike it.  Then having Morgan…spending any time in the backyard has become limited to early mornings, cause by midday or later – every bug in a 50-mile radius is all over the place.  So, Last summer, we had a lot of issues with Morgan having bad reactions to mosquito bites and after seeing an allergist, they gave us cremes and meds to try and soothe them better. But being outside created a lot of issues so we spent time at other pools that were either indoor or larger outdoor pools.

Yesterday was the first time, I pulled the pool out for the season and she had a fantastic time. I love seeing her splash around. This picture is just one of about 100 that I took and I just adore how beautiful she looks.


Within the last month, we found out that we could enroll Morgan in Aquatherapy at the HSCSN therapy center where she already takes Physical Therapy.  The hope is that because she’s still having issues with her muscle tone, that this can help loosen her up and make her more comfortable using her limbs. For those that have never heard of this type of therapy:

Aquatic therapy refers to treatments and exercises performed in water for relaxation, fitness, physical rehabilitation, and other therapeutic benefits. Typically a qualified aquatic therapist gives constant attendance to a person receiving treatment in a heated therapy pool.  Aquatic therapy refers to water-based treatments or exercises of therapeutic intent, in particular for relaxation, fitness, and physical rehabilitation. Treatments and exercises are performed while floating, partially submerged, or fully submerged in water. Many aquatic therapy procedures require constant attendance by a trained therapist and are performed in a specialized temperature-controlled pool. Rehabilitation commonly focuses on improving the physical function associated with illness, injury, or disability.

My hope is that it will give her some additional water experience too.


Peace, Love, and Swimming,


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