My Baby is 3…

People say all the time, that time flies when you are having fun. This is true. Time also flies, when you are a hardworking employee, student, daughter, friend, etc. and mother to a fast moving, quick learning toddler.

3 years ago, I would never have imaged that we would be here, celebrating Morgan’s 3rd birthday. I couldn’t see anything past the NICU and the first year of struggle.  But we’ve come so far as parents to her and she’s come so far as our vivacious 3-year-old.  May 31st will be my favorite day for the rest of my life because my whole heart & soul was born that day and came out in dramatic fashion at that.

Her father and I weren’t sure how to celebrate her turning the big 3 but what was completely off the table this year – was a big party. I couldn’t do it. I spent 1 & 2 planning big events and parties for her that this year…I was pooped out of party planning.  I wanted her to have a great day and to celebrate her in a big way but without doing a big thing.  So…the day came and we spent all day cuddling her.  It was also her first-day having on-site therapy with her new team at HSCSN and that was really exciting (though Morgan) disliked it.  We took her to dinner for her favorite meal…PASTA with Chicken (and I threw in some broccoli). It was an extremely amazing day. Happiness!


We got her cupcakes from Sprinkles. and the rest was history.  I think she had a great day! Happy Birthday to my forever!

Peace and Birthday Love,


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