Crap…I’m behind.

So I haven’t forgotten about my blog. I’m exhausted, tired, exhausted, tired and even more exhausted.

Clearly, time is not my friend. But I mean when is it.  So, In the coming weeks…because typing out all my post has become a pain, though I have so much to say about things, I’m going to VLOG for a few weeks and also write a post when I have time.

I will find a fantastic place to VLOG at work and VLOG away. Be on the lookout.

A couple things I wanted to address in this first post in almost a month (sorry loyal followers)….I suck…I know.

Grad School

So for all those who follow me and have been rooting for my continued education…I passed my classes with A’s….YAY! and am taking a summer hiatus to relax.  Now though my learning never ends…I’m glad this break is on cause sheesh, I needed it. I’m so proud of myself for passing, for studying hard and finishing strong!!! YAYAYAY!


She’s fantastic…But

Dentist Appointment – Last week Morgan went to her favorite place – THE DENTIST. No I’m kidding, she hates the dentist (much like her father). She screamed and cried and refused to act civilized but luckily our doctor is amazing. Bad news though – Preemie’s have calcium deficiencies and a lot of time the issues revolve around teeth and bone development. So with one of Morgan’s front teeth, a couple months of having it, it cracked and now sadly, the doctor wants to remove it to avoid nerve damage and because it cosmetically doesn’t look great.  I was really worried about her having to have this tooth removed but…luckily it’s not a permanent tooth. But she did great!!!! This is us below at the Dentist…


So I have no idea what kid wouldn’t like S’mores but honestly, I wasn’t one of them because as a kid, I hated Chocolate. Didn’t like the taste or flavor. As I grew up, I became more fond of it and have grown to like it.  I was worried because Morgan, is much like me and her dad in most situations and has a habit of not liking some of the same things we didn’t like as children. Well, I can cross S’Mores off because…. She loved them.


I’m super sad to say it but two of Morgan’s amazing therapist that have been apart of our team for over a year are leaving us.  It’s always sad when we lose folks that are apart of “Morgan’s Team” and are genuinely amazing at what they do and love the kids they work with.  We’ve been extremely lucky at getting awesome providers and having folks work with our family that have been able to support, nurture and teach all at the same time.  Anyone who knows me, knows I’ve been very protected of who I’ve let her come in contact with and who works with her and It’s always hard when someone you’ve been comfortable with leaves.  I wish them nothing but success, happiness and continued work on their gift of working with kids with special needs. They’ve been a blessing.


Morgan and I spent about an hour yesterday in a huge parking lot walking around and she only moved for about a total of 10 mins and then stopped in her tracks.  I could barely get her to move at one point and so I stopped to take pictures. We were able to work with HSCSN to get an appointment weekly with a therapist that will be dedicated to helping her hands on with different equipment learn how to walk, so I can’t wait for that.


I will get better at updating because I have a lot to say and Summer luckily with work will be more relaxed.


L’Erin & Morgan

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