The Semester…Has Finally Ended

Hi All,

I haven’t forgotten about my amazing blog. I have been so focused on passing my courses, trying to figure out some “home” life things and being a mom that time has slipped past me.

I’m officially done with my classes and am now just awaiting my grades for this semester. At this point, B’s will suffice. I was exhausted the whole semester taking two courses and working and trying to live my life that I’m just happy to have a few months off. Sadly, I’ll turn right back around in August and start again. Damn it. But I’ll have a final semester of writing and then I’m planning to go head on after my MAIS degree (Master of Arts: Interdisciplinary Studies) in Women and Gender.

Morgan is fantastic. She’s been talking a lot more recently…still not saying full words but she’s getting there.  It’s like she knows them but is playing a game of “I’ll say it when I’m ready”. She’s still patching on her left eye and actually, her Dad has been patching his also so that she doesn’t have to do it alone.  I tried but it was horrible, so I’m leaving that to her dad.  I’m getting ready to start larger portion meals and allowing her to fully feed herself.  I think we’ve hit ahead with us feeding her and I think it’s actually enabling her to not want to do it herself.

Now that the weather is nice..I’m ready for beaches, summer, cute dresses and lots of outdoor adventures.

Here’s hoping the weather and climate change doesn’t ruin those plans.


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