Eye Patching – It’s An Unpleasant​ Process

As I’ve stated before, Morgan has an awesome team of therapist.  Specifically, a rocking vision therapist – Marie.  A few months ago, Marie mentioned that because Morgan’s left eye seemed to wonder sometimes (occasionally – not often enough that I noticed) that she wanted us to inquire with our ophthalmologist about the possibility of patching.  I wasn’t a fan because it looks extremely annoying and uncomfortable.

Patching for all of us that are not eye doctors is used to treat things like Amblyopia or Lazy Eye which occurs in early childhood. When nerve pathways between the brain and an eye aren’t properly stimulated, the brain favors the other eye.  Symptoms include a wandering eye, eyes that may not appear to work together, or poor depth perception. Both eyes may be affected.  Treatment includes eye patches, drops, glasses or contact lenses, and sometimes surgery.

So with all that being said, yesterday Morgan had her six month check up with our ophthalmologist and due to the continued wandering of Morgan’s eye, we are trying patching for 1 hour a day for 3 months to see if it’ll strengthen her left eye. My mom shared with me the update yesterday that the minute the doctor put the patch on it, Morgan was hands up and trying to pull it off.  We just started this so I’ll keep everyone posted.


Peace and Patching,

L’Erin & Baby Morgan

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