Nap Time

How often as an adult, have you been at work or at home doing things and just wished you could take a nap? Thought about how after the nap you’d feel better and energized to work harder, etc. This happens to me too often but I rarely have time to nap…but I started thinking about it after I tried repeatedly to put Morgan down for a nap on Saturday and she refused…I MEAN REFUSED to sleep. Her father tried and we walked in almost an hour later to this…and it got me to thinking real hard about how she doesn’t appreciate “Nap Time”.

Adulting is hard…A nap a day (especially at work, would make my fatigue go away)

As a working adult, I can’t crawl into bed and nap for an hour and actually be a functioning adult again after. I’ve met the folks that can do it (as in take a 30 min nap and be ok after). But for me, I wake up and (well these memes, tell you how I feel once I wake up)

I mean literally. I wake up and feel like I lost time. So for a long time, I refused to even think about taking a nap because I hated that feeling. But recently with all that’s going on, a nap would do me good.

Since I’ve had Morgan, I mean nap time for her is hell. Sometimes she absolutely refuses to nap. I mean will fight everyone on it till we give in and let her get up. Other times, she’s exhausted and will still fight it but will eventually give in and…nap.  It’s the fight (not really fighting) behind getting her to nap got me to thinking about how much she’s missing the point behind how great a nap can be and the rejuvenation that you get from it (compared to not having one and walking around almost zombie-like…like me most days). I don’t understand kids…Why not appreciate and enjoy this grand opportunity that she won’t have as a working adult? What is it that she has this absolute need and desire to do any and everything but nap? Especially if I put her in the crib but will get in the car and be knocked out when we are going to the store 10 mins away and I have re-wake her to get her out the car. It’s all backward.

I’m going to try something…not let her nap one weekend and see how it works. See if she misses the naps or even gets tired once she realizes I’m not pressuring her to take one.  I know…she’s only two but she’s a smart kid. Either she’ll tire herself out and nap or she won’t and will be a complete nut for me the entire day until bedtime (at which she will pass out because sometimes she does this)

I just want her to take the nap and appreciate it.

Peace & ZZzz’s,


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