3rd Birthday Debate

Birthday-Decoration-Ideas-2016-hbd-221x300In one month and a half, I’ll have a three-year-old. (Still my baby)

It’s sucks that time flies so fast. But every year of her little life, I’ve gone over the top with parties and events for her birthday. The first year, we had a huge (35+) family and friends “Doc McStuffins” themed cookout style party, complete with over the top decorations and a set of cupcakes and 2 cakes (yes 3 sweet treats), a video showing her entire life up to that morning (that I spent a month making), family picture time, etc.  Last year for number 2, I did a smaller (15+) family and friends style day party, Unicorn themed with all the cool fixings. This year…


I say all this to say that Morgan’s dad and I always disagree on how to celebrate her birthdays. While he would be fine just doing something simple like a balloon and cake (that’s it), I’ve usually preferred something big and grandiose. Let me explain why…Morgan started off life with a dismal outlook, weren’t sure she’d make it past a day old and now she’s growing, thriving and the best thing this world has to offer.  I believe her life, every year, every day, every second of her life should be celebrated. That’s just how I feel.  So every year that I’m alive, we will do something…worthy of the sincere proudness I feel that she is a survivor. But anyway as we approach number 3…we’ve decided to take a different route and do something more engaging and fun.  After much arguing and indecision, we decided to take her to….

THE BIG APPLE….New York City!


NEW YORK CITY is not the greatest place on earth (we will be taking that trip in about 5 years) but it’s a big city, bright lights, lots of colors, lots to see and lots to do.  Anytime I’ve been, I have the best time and leave just extremely excited and can’t wait to go back.  I’m hoping to hit spots that I visit every time I go and some new ones. It’ll be a cool bonding experience and she’ll turn 3 in NYC.  A jump-start on celebrating birthdays in new and foreign places.

So yay for my almost 3-year-old baby…and her first visit to NYC.

Peace and Love,

L’Erin & Baby Morgan


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