Patience Testing

Happy Saturday Everyone…

This will be short.

Today my patience as a mother was tested.  But I overcame it…

See anyone who knows’s me…knows I have short patience. Sadly, it’s never been my strong suit.  Honestly, I missed the patience line when God was giving out attributes…I was somewhere talking.

Anyway…I was expecting to have a typical Saturday with Baby Morgan.  Make breakfast, clean up, bathe and dress and then off to the bookstore and Target (Y’all know I gotta hit Target)…Baby Morgan had other plans.

As I’m watching Stranger Things 2 again for the 10th time, I hear her waking up and stirring. No different than any other morning.  I take a little longer than usual to attend to her as I’m watching Eleven and Mike almost kiss and “Will” burned to death by heaters lol (which let me just say…anyone who watches the show probably thought the same thing but “How did Joyce get all those space heaters to run without blowing every fuse that little cabin had”?…I did something similar in the winter and the whole downstairs fuse blew). But I hear her getting louder so I get up to go get her.

I walk in her room…smell something but assumed it was the trash.  What happens next…HORRIFIED ME!

Yes, Folks…You see right! Baby Morgan’s whole face is covered in…POOP!!!!!! I mean really. What in the entire (I have to use the word) FUCK is this about.  She’s never done anything like this…EVER!

I’m instantly furious. Disgusted. I mean literally thinking as quick as the situation allowed me…on how I’m going to clean this mess and not get any on me.  Well, let’s just say…I stepped out (I mean she was already covered in poop)…took 10 deep breathes. Walked back in and HANDLE MOMMY BUSINESS!

It was not ideal. It was not how I’d planned our morning. It was not something I ever wanted to deal with…but her face. My little heart and souls face was covered in her own poop.  It was during all this that, even in my absolute disgust…I loved her so much more. I mean, yuck but at the same time…just like her…the powers that be…wouldn’t have put this situation on me…If I couldn’t handle it. I cleaned up, washed her up immediately and got her freshly dressed and did her hair.

I was angry at her behavior but I hear my mother and my grandmother (something she would say to my mom when I was upsetting her and my mom was losing patience with me)…She’s only a child. This is my kid. Love of my life and so I had to suck it up and deal. It was a beautiful lesson in motherhood (I hope not to ever relive) but still…a valuable lesson. Plans may never go exactly how we want them too.

After we cleaned up…

Sprinkled Pancakes with Cream Cheese Syrup with sausage for breakfast and after I clean up…Off to the bookstore.  Not exactly my planned Saturday but it all worked out.

Peace, Love and No More Poop on the Face,


One thought on “Patience Testing

  1. Shameka Jones says:

    O.M.G!!!!! Noooooo!!!!!!! (Dry heaving over here)!!!! I could even imagine!!! I don’t remember what his stage with McKenna! Lord I think this is why I call it Terrible 2s, horrible 3s, and oh my God 4s!!! May the force be with you my child!!!! Lol

    Liked by 1 person

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