Almost Forgotten…But Not Really

I almost forget to find the time to update my blog and I seriously admire my fellow bloggers because life happens when you have a toddler, a job, a life, a life with a toddler, grad school, a social life, an “oooh la la” life, etc. I mean the shit is exhausting. So let me do a little update on a couple of things while I have the energy.


Morgan is fantastic. She loves walking with her crocodile gait trainer and we finally got an appointment a few weeks ago to get her leg braces looked at again. Luckily our doctor agreed that the braces weren’t fitted for her correctly and that they needed to be looked at by the company’s tech and either re-fit her or fit the current ones.  My hope was new ones but after checking with the tech, they felt that we just need some minor adjustments to the braces.  Her DMO suit, well let’s just say it was getting too damn tight. We ended up having her re-sized and they sent it back in for re-sizing (that was 2 weeks ago, and they were sending back to us via snail mail….let’s hope these fools didn’t lose it like they do some many other un-received packages). But anyway…we need it back because it’s done wonders for her posture…I mean seriously. I was a total skeptic, I assumed the suit wouldn’t do much of anything but it’s done everything they said it would and more.  Skeptic…proven wrong.  

We had a school evaluation meeting also to see if she’s eligible for school yet and we don’t get those results for another 2 weeks.  Though I’m pissed because they want folks to go thru the school lottery but the issue is that it’s complete and udder bullshit and no- I won’t excuse my language.  Kids in my city have shit schools to choose from and only recently with gentrification have they started sprucing up schools but let’s be clear on where those schools are being “spruced” up…either in predominantly white neighborhoods or extremely impoverished neighborhoods like “SE”.  Our mayor…I’m not even happy with her ass for various reasons but she’s absolutely no help for folks who’ve lived in this city their whole lives (like me) and want our children to do the same, but with the crap ass school choices and the fact that folks from VA & MD get to come in and have their kids go to our schools too and folks in any other ward can apply for their kids to go to schools outside their ward…it makes me question my future in the city.  I’m not the only one who’s upset…(click it)…and think it’s some complete bull. This excerpt from the article below speaks to why I think the shit is just…well…WACK.

“The lottery has been a long-standing source of tension, with wealthy families hiring consultants to navigate the school choices and nonprofits emerging to ensure that disadvantaged families know how to maximize their options. The lottery was thrust into the spotlight last month when D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Antwan Wilson was forced to resign amid outrage that he bypassed the lottery so his daughter could transfer to Wilson High, which has a wait list of more than 600 students. Now, because of that scandal, the school lottery is likely to draw more scrutiny than ever. (Stein, WP, 2018)”

Anyway…I have a few other options and I will investigate those later. I’m in no rush to make my child go to school yet. She’s still developing and I’m not ready to let go yet.

Grad School

As many of my cool and loyal followers know…I’m in grad school and it’s kicking every aspect of my behind.  I want the degree so I’m working my behind off to get it but the classes are long (sometimes boring), time is not my friend, working on assignments with a toddler and folks who say they will help and be supportive but aren’t always, is rough.  I’ve had to take a step back because I’ve had so much work. These classes cost $4800 a piece and let me tell you…I REFUSE TO PAY BACK $9600. IT AINT HAPPENING!

Summer is upon on us and I only have a few weeks left.  Once it’s over, I plan to devote myself to branding this blog and Morgan’s story to everywhere I can. More people need to know about her and her life as a preemie toddler.  Well, I guess no better time but I’ve been approached by a publishing company…and as soon as I have a minute, I gotta get something to them for review.  Let me just say…I’m excited! 

I’ll update on a few other things tomorrow but I’m tired y’all and I need sleep and to finish two papers before Monday.  

Thank you for the support and understanding…

Peace, Love & Light,


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