Girl Power on International Women’s Day

Today on March, 8, 2018, we all should be celebrating International Women’s Day.  I mean what a time to be a woman. What a time to be a girl. What a time to be female. What a time it is. It’s amazing!

I wanted a daughter for so many reasons. I wanted someone who could identify with me and lover the skin she’s in. See beauty in herself and those around her. See the beauty in being a girl and eventually a woman. That saw the beauty in being black. The loves herself and knows that I love her and adore her. I wanted a daughter because I wanted her to know that it’s ok to be whatever she wants, that gender doesn’t mean anything when you put your mind to something and work hard. I wanted to teach someone about all those that have paved the way for our gender and our race. I wanted her. I got her and I’m so proud of my little girl.


Today holds so much significance. It’s all about being “Woman” and being “Proud”. Learning and Educating and Making Things Happen.

As a mother first and always, I celebrate being women, being a mom, being a mom to a baby girl, being a mom to a preemie baby girl, being a Black woman, being a mother to a Black girl, and just being in this world and having a voice and platform to express myself.

I celebrate my mother, who without, I wouldn’t be able to function.

I celebrate my aunts and my cousins that are women excellence.

I celebrate my best friends and my girlfriends for their strength.

I celebrate any woman who struggles with mental health and disability.

I celebrate women of color. I proudly celebrate women of color.

I celebrate my latina, my native american, my muslim, my asian, my multi-racial women and all those not mentioned.

I celebrate my bi-sexual sisters.

I celebrate women that have paved the way for me and others like me.

I celebrate the pure power that being a woman holds.

I celebrate women from every country and across the world.

I celebrate woman who are open about their sexuality and proud of who they are.

I uplift any woman who is suffering or struggling or in need or in pain or sad or in despair.

I pray for the women with hate in their hearts that can’t see the unity in her gender.

We Can Accomplish so many things when we stick together. We all need a reminder of that!

I reflected a little today on women that inspire me. There are so many unspoken names and unsung heroes that I look to. Women without recognition. Right now, this world is all about women and what we are doing. On another note, anyone who truly knows me, knows I’m all about a list. I make list to calm my nerves, and I started writing one, almost a year ago on all the women that I found to be inspiring and profound, just because I wanted to be able to name some women if Morgan ever asked.  Here are a few from my list. Click on their link to read about who they are…Maybe I’ll share the list by next International Women’s Day.

Angela Rye

Lena Waithe


Massy Arias

Sloane Stephans


Frida Kahlo 

Soledad O’Brien 

Issa Rae


So many websites that I follow had wonderful interviews and displays of womanhood that I thought I’d share a few that I found interesting.

Refinery 29 – Michelle Obama Talks To R29 About The Power Of Girls’ Education

Refinery 29 – Bitch, Slut, Spinster & 5 Other Words Women Have Reclaimed

Bustle – 16 TV Shows & Movies To Watch On International Women’s Day If You Want To Support Women-Led Projects

The Washington Post – I thought International Women’s Day was meaningless until I saw a pink hat on the Washington Monument

People – Shop All the Empowering Feminist Clothing Stars Have Worn

Lenny Letter – Finally Telling My Daughter About My First Husband … and His Death


Peace, Love & Womanhood,



(all art and photos found on yahoo)

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