Are All Toddlers Picky Eaters?


Beautiful Art Piece by Marcella Kriebel.  An artist based out of DC. I’ve purchased many pieces of her art from events such as “Crafty Bastards”. Check her out at or her easy shop

Buttered Noodles, Gravy on everything, Sweet Potatoes, Butternut Squash purees, Mashed Potato (with and without gravy), Meatloaf, Greens (Kale, Green Beans, Spinach, Peas), Beets, Roasted Peppers puree, Mixtures of Veggies,Crackers, Ice Cream, Soups, Pastas, Rice with Butter, Fruit Salads, PB&J, Sugar Cookies, Toast, Eggs,Waffles & Pancakes, Cauliflower Rice, Sausage, Cheeses, YOGURT, YOGURT AND MORE GREEK YOGURT…Ok you name it…I’ve tried it on Morgan.  And today, I couldn’t even tell you what she likes. I would like to say…YOGURT but I think that’s fast becoming a dislike.  She is an extreme case when it comes to being a PICKY EATER. I know people who are picky eaters. People that don’t like cheese, that don’t like cream sauces, that don’t like ice cream (can’t believe it), that don’t like any veggies, those that will never try specific cusisines…I get it. But my kid…is something else entirely.

Beginning almost two years ago when Morgan was getting big enough to start table food purees, I did massive research to prepare. I kinda touch on this in my “Another Gastro Visit” post too but I pinterested recipes, I bought baby food books, I took advice from family and friends, I watched Youtube videos…I mean I was ready! So I had read that starting off with something sweet was the best idea to get them interested.  I’m sure experts would have disagreed but whatever. I got yogurt first because it was simple and some of it was actually really sweet. Then, I went with my BFF to H-Mart and purchased a ridiculous amount of varying sweet potatoes (Korean sweet potato, american sweet potatoes & yams) and cooked them separately – added butter and sugar and pureed them so thin (with this Baby Bullet my sister got for me) that it was almost liquid.  I was READY. Had new little bowls for her, got her some little people spoons and the first bite of yogurt…she threw it right up! I couldn’t understand it. But ok…moving on…I tried the potato and I had done everything right…followed the recipe exactly and BARF. So cleaned her up and moved to the next sweet potato. NOPE…didn’t like that either.  Moved to the yams and she kinda ate that but you could tell she was confused.  Too say the least…I was disappointed.  But…I pushed on.  A few days later, I got butternut squash and repeated the prep. Now…she tolerated this much more than the sweet potatoes – which I couldn’t understand at first but realized that maybe the sugar was too much for her. So for months – we did butternut squash and eventually, I started adding things too it. Like apples, pears or peas.  It worked and we were on a roll. UNTIL…We hit the deadly – overkill (NOOOOOOO).  She had eaten it so much that eventually – she refused to even open her mouth for it. This sucked. I went back to the yogurt and this eventually became a favorite, especially for breakfast but this too…the desire became less and less.


Growing up, I liked specific things but wasn’t in love with anything specific. I loved cheese (I still love cheese), I liked bananas (I STILL LOVE BANANAS), I ate a lot of pancakes (which are still my favorite food) and PIZZA was the shit! I also wouldn’t consider myself to be a picky eater.  I think like most, I had my likes and dislikes.  But in those things…you can see, I didn’t mention anything really healthy. So I tried all my favorites on Morgan eventually. Some were complete failures…ending in vomits and gaging and others…she would eat but has since refused to eat.  But Morgan P. is a completely different case. We’ve been to specialist and doctors and spoken with other preemie moms and dads, and it’s a complete and udder mystery as to why preemies are such picky eaters.  They don’t have many likes but do usually have a lot of dislikes.  They will try things but instantly you can tell, if they like it or not.  This has been my experience too.  As soon as I think we are working towards something solid in the food rotation – she switches up and doesn’t want it anymore.  She will allow you to put it in her mouth but the minute after she figures out the taste – she’s clawing it out.  It’s craziness.

Sometime last year, a friend mentioned trying pasta…overcooked and slathered in sauces or butter or olive oil.  IT WORKED!!!!! But again, she can’t survive off this for the rest of her life.  But for now it’s an awesome filler.  Occasionally, we throw in some veggies or change-up something but for the most part…it’s been pasta, pasta and more pasta for months.  She’s also eating regular table food (which is nice) and seems to truly enjoy…(Wait for it….) CHICKEN! She eats fried chicken, baked chicken, broiled chicken…all just fine and consumes a lot as long as the pieces are small.  I’ve come to see that we have definitely hit some roads blocks but we are making progress in the Picky Eaters department…even if – it’s moving slowly.

I say all this to say…as we approach Morgan’s third birthday in a few short months – I want so desperately to find something she likes. To get her out of this phase and find something she will eat and enjoy.  So I’m on a serious mission. Let’s hope…I find something! I’ll keep you posted.  If you have things that your kid likes…share with me!!! As you read…I’m almost desperate.

Happy Eating,

L’Erin & Morgan

(I almost forgot to mention…Morgan at one point was eating those little rice cracker bars for babies quite often too. As she graduated up…we moved her to the Gerber Puffs and Cherrios – which she still eats now.)


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