Trying somethings…(Updated)

This weekend, I’m going to spend time doing some things I haven’t done and don’t often get to do. Cooking and Baking, Reading and Enjoying Movies…Hopefully, it’ll be a fun bonding time for Morgan and I.  I’ve had a rough week with trying to balance Mommy duties, school, work, my business and home. The balancing act is tough. How does everyone else do it? I need a week of sleep, someone to make all the meals, write my papers, come to work and do that and then also keep the household in order, while I play with Morgan. Is this possible?

Anyway…I plan to plan out some meals so that I can easily grab and go when I come in, things Morgan can munch on and that everyone else can also enjoy.  I have no idea what those are yet but I found some good ones on IG…(posted below)

IG Name: Twopeasandpod

The chili recipe looks fairly easy and like something I could make and not mess up. The other two are more dessert and breakfast receipts. The top is a blueberry coconut energy ball and the bottom is a Potato Chip Chocolate Chip Blonde. They both sound amazing about now…May try all or one of these.



IG: Smittenkitchen

I’ve been following them for a very long time now and have actually name some of the things on their website and MAN…..THEY ARE ON POINT!!!! Thinking about also trying one of the cookie or slab pie recipes maybe and letting Morgan play with the dough…




I’M OBSESSED WITH FLUFFERNUTTER! So, I found these bars while searching on Pinterest.  Maybe these should be my make of the weekend.


So we shall see how my baking goes.  FYI – I’M HORRIBLE!!

A while ago I purchased Gabrielle Union’s “We’re Going to Need More Wine” and got about a chapter in and well…life happened and so I haven’t been able to finish it.  I’m hoping to read more of that and also a couple of other books I purchased.

I’m hoping more than anything for some peace.  I’ve been stressed out and really needing some down time to process all that’s going on in my life and with a toddler and everything else, it can be hard.

Here’s to baking, reading, calm, peace and toddler fun!


Peace & Baking,



(Update) – So I actually did bake this weekend.  I’m actually about to go and finish another baking project but I did end up making the fluffernutter bars and OMG they were amazing. Here’s my picture…Not all fancy but still taste great.


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