Toddler Bed Graduation


It’s official…My baby is growing up and is no longer sleeping in her baby crib. BOOHOO (me crying as I type those words). Morgan has a beautiful grey crib that my mother and I picked out prior to her arrival home from the NICU.  The bed is extremely sturdy and it’s been wonderful to have her sleep in it (when she does). But as Morgan becomes more and more active, the concern about the height of the bed caused conversation around the bed finally needing to be lowered to toddler height.  It took some convincing. Obviously, having it at the top height has created a lot of ease when it comes to getting her dressed and changed. The issues where mostly around the fact that Morgan had tried (luckily, while one of us was in the room), to stand up and with that leaned too far over and flipped out of the crib. I was concerned that when we put her down for naps, that she would awake and try to climb out and with no one watching her, seriously injure herself falling head first or worse.  Couldn’t take the risk anymore since just the other day, she stood up and well tried to break free.

I often find it quite funny how as a parent all these things (like bed heights, electrical outlet covers, corner covers, safe car seats) come to mind regarding safety in home and outside of it.  We take extra precautions for our little ones and it’s just really an accomplished feeling. I’m protecting my most previous gift.  Anyway with all that being said, It’s officially been transitioned to a Toddler Bed.

It’s much lower but not on the final Toddler Bed notch.  She can stand up but it would be almost impossible for her to flip out now and so it makes concerns around nap-time diminish.

So many emotions arise around changing her bed to toddler level.  I’m not even sure why because it’s a natural process, but I guess I wasn’t fully prepared for it.  I’m so proud of my little toddler for reaching this milestone that even prompted us to need to change the bed height in the first place.


“Morgan sitting and thinking after being put in her “Toddler” level crib”

What other precautions in home or outside of the home, did you take that maybe I need to prepare myself for?  How’d you feel about it?

Peace, Love and Safety,


One thought on “Toddler Bed Graduation

  1. Shams2U says:

    Yes!!!! I’m glad you finally lowered it before she got hurt!!!!

    Look at you super mom!!!! It’s always the moms who got to initiate safety first stuff!!!!!


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