Some of Moana this and Moana that

So anyone that is a parent…and actually to those that aren’t parents (this includes – Aunts, Uncles, Godparents, etc.) can relate to watching kids movies and tv shows daily and watching the same things over and over again to satisfy their kids or to get them to be entertained (even if only briefly).   Morgan is still little…but she’s extremely observant despite her vision issues.  I thought I would share some of the fun things we watch to pass the time. What do you and yours watch? Anything you can suggest?


Doc McStuffins is a critical and serious watch.  If you haven’t…watch it (even if you’re an adult). It’s rocking. So, I’m absolutely one of those Mom’s that wants my daughter to be proud of her color, her background and her gender and the DOC…encompasses all those things. She’s a black, female, toy doctor and the storyline with all her toy pals is just really clever and I enjoy it. (Side note: Morgan’s 1st Birthday theme was the DOC)  The series just brings a light to being smart and educated and imaginative – that I love.  It’s usually my first choice for shows for her.

Arthur & Peppa Pig are to other good ones that I allow her to watch to pass the time.  Now Arthur is another show I love. I grew up watching it and definitely have Morgan watching it when it’s available.  The characters are all animals and each episode is a learning lesson storyline (much like Doc McStuffins).

We haven’t watched too much Peppa Pig but I enjoy it just the same.  Morgan kinda reacts to the British accents and it makes me laugh. So occasionally when I can find it…we watch it.  The characters are more humanlike, they still kinda have some of the fun characteristics of pigs.

Now the adorable Bubble Guppies…we watch this often.  I love the theme and that they have such a diverse color group of guppies.  The storylines are very kid friendly (not that the others aren’t) but they have those very specific kid voices and Morgan watches it.

My Dad is absolutely obsessed with BabyFirst and ensuring that Morgan watches all her shows.  He started this when she was really small and some shows she pays more attention to than others. Some of her favorites include:

*Color Crew (which is the colorful crayon gang above). It teaches babies color coordinator and colors.

*Harry the Bunny & Larry – This show is about a puppet bunny and his parrot pet bird Larry.  It’s cute cause every show introduces something new and fun and they have a cute little intro and exit song.

*Musti is a cat. Same idea as most of the shows. Introduces colors and shapes and various developmental things.

*The Notekins – absolutely adorable show. It’s all about music and again colors. Each color I think represent a musical note of some sort but they have songs and make noise. Morgan loved this show as a baby.


*The Wordies – This show is again really cute. Each episode they introduced a new word and have visuals that associate to the word.  It’s great for development and speech.

All of these shows are on networks that are usual found on Cable but it doesn’t mean that  some aren’t available on non-cable networks. You’ll have to check your local listings for details. I also didn’t give channels because depending on where you live…wouldn’t matter cause it’d be different.


These posters above should all be extremely familiar for parents. If they haven’t, I’d love to know what your kids are watching if nothing in this line up.  Now granted these are a little more advanced for Morgan’s age…it doesn’t stop me from throwing these on while I feed her or Saturday mornings while I make breakfast/lunch. Frozen came out before she was born but I love the songs and I feel like she enjoys them too.  Moana has become a hit and I’ve noticed the more she watches some of these – the more she hums a little when they start to sing.  I loved Finding Dory and I mean it was just as cute, if not cuter than Finding Nemo.  Morgan again seems to enjoy and I always point out the types of fish  being shown (not that she cares).  I have lots of kids movies as I was a real diehard Disney and Pixar fan growing up and even now as an adult. FYI – You should know by now but I’m really into girl power and exposing Morgan to lots of different cultures and so I often find that Disney and other production companies have displayed characters in a positive way that I allow them to be shown to Morgan. Some of the others I’ve had her entertained by included:

Princess & The Frog
Beauty & the Beast
Mary Poppins (she didn’t seem amused by this)
A Little Princess
Toy Story (1+2)

These are just a few to name and so I’d love to know what others are watching or have on their radar for their kids to watch that are good storyline wise but are also kid friendly.

Peace, Love and Entertainment,








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