Writers Block

Does it ever happen that while your trying to write something that before – you had wonderful ideas and a million things to say…but fast forward to the actual time you when you’re about to write and like a snap of the finger…it’s all gone.  Well this happens to me quite frequently.  I have about 17 different post just sitting in my draft box and mostly it’s because I can’t decide on what to share next…

Should I discuss how Morgan is now learning her colors and doing amazing? or Do people want to know more about what’s going on in my world of crazy?

Should I talk about how Grad School is draining my soul? or about how insane the decisions being made in this country are driving me insane (literally)?

Should I talk about how I’m dieting? but also sharing sherbet with Morgan at night (yes…I know this isn’t diet food…but it’s fat free).

Where to go with the next post in blogging for me or even writing is a mystery…I always have a million great ideas and like many…the minute I go to start writing…my mind goes blank and I can’t think straight.

Bare with me.

I have 5 post that I’m hoping to roll out in the next 2-4 days and so that will give our readers more to ponder over.



3 thoughts on “Writers Block

  1. Ericka Johnson-Bruno says:

    Hi L’Erin,

    I’ve been following you on Instagram for a little while and I love your spirit! Based on what you post, I see we have a few things in common…including the fact that I’m your 2nd cousin 😉 Don’t know if you knew that already, especially since we have yet to formally meet!

    My advice to you would be to just write what you feel without regard to what you think people might want to see. This is *your* outlet and *your* personal space to express yourself. Just let it flow however, whenever…and if you hit writer’s block, don’t try to force it…the inspiration to finish what you started will come.


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    • Morgan & Me says:

      Omg Ericka! No, I didn’t know that we were 2nd cousins but now that I do…I’m over joyed! Family is a major factor in my life so I appreciate this information!!! I’m so happy that you messaged..you have no idea. I’m glad you sent the advice because I struggle. It’s hard sometimes to concentrate when I have a million things going thru my head and a million things going on physically that limit me temporarily. I carry my laptop everywhere…which has become like my 2nd child but it’s neccesary. I love this blog space and should feel more comfortable to express myself. I worry all the time about being a good sound writer and if I’m making sense or not. I love Issa Rae and she mentioned during an interview that her best ideas came when she was able to calm down long enough to let it flow. I really have to get to the point lol So glad you read my blog…and hope to reach out and meet soon!



  2. Ericka says:

    Yes! We definitely have to chat and/or meet up sometime. I was actually at the family get together in Virginia in Summer ’16 and I saw you there…and met your hubby. He most likely doesn’t remember, lol. I’m not very good in situations where I know virtually no one, lol.

    Email me or message me on FB!

    ~Ericka 😉


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