NOH8 Campaign

NOH8_Campaign_LogoWhat is it that we all want in life?


Acceptance for who we are, who want to be, how we want to live, who we love and how we love, for things that are out of our control, from society, from family, from friends, from the world, for those things that are born deep within us that make us different, etc.

It is a deep-rooted issue not only in this country but countries everywhere that anyone who is different or cut from a cloth unlike our own – we immediately question, shun,criticize or in some cases kill because we don’t understand their differences. It’s a serious flaw in humanity.  If there is anything I want for Morgan, it is for her to know about acceptance.  I want her to know that being different is ok. That loving herself first is most important. That being different, doesn’t mean your life is unworthy. That being a girl is just as important as being a boy. That love is love…no matter who you love!

At 30, I’ve just come to realize that life is about living your personal truth, coming into your own and wanting acceptance from those around you but most of all – accepting yourself.  One thing I’ve learned, is that acceptance isn’t a difficult value to posses.  Allow people to be themselves, love them no matter what, trust in the cosmos that whoever you are meant to be…you will be even if your journey takes longer than others, that things happen for a reason and that you were created in the perfect of form.  Yesterday Morgan & I were able to participate in the NOH8 Campaign that is all about spreading love and not hate and ACCEPTANCE. The meaning behind the campaign holds personal meaning so I was truly excited to be involved.

I’d heard about the NOH8 Campaign years ago before Morgan was born and supported it from afar.  I eventually saw the photos surfacing with celebrities and normal everyday people with the “NOH8” sticker and duck tape over their mouths in magazines and social media – I wanted to be apart of it but always missed the opportunities when they came to DC. I found out a week ago that they would be in DC and was not missing this opportunity again!  The best part was having Morgan attend with me! She did great!!! She was all into everything and wanted to see everything and even let us put the temp tattoo on her without incident or crying. I was truly excited to see Adam Bouska as he was the co-founder and the famed photographer behind the photos.  And let me say that he was amazing!  Extremely friendly, was wonderful to work with and he worked with Morgan as she tried her best to pull the tape off my mouth and even came over personally after the shoot to tell us that Morgan was extremely photogenic (Hmmmmm…Do I hear child modeling in her future). It was a day to remember and I’m so happy to have finally be apart of it.  I know Morgan won’t remember it but I’ll have the photos and I’ll remind of it and it’s meaning!

The photo’s won’t be available for another couple of weeks but I’ll update as soon as it’s made available.  Below are personal photos from the shoot…


IMG_7245IMG_7240IMG_7239IMG_0267 2IMG_2992


“Absolutely determinded to get the tape off”

Spread Love,

L’Erin & Morgan

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