Toddler Travels…& My Reservations


As I continue to prepare for an amazing 2018, the topic of Traveling just keeps popping up!

I’m desperate to travel! It’s something fun about hopping on a plane and going somewhere that in my mind sounds amazing…when it’s just me.  But having a (I’m just going to say it…) sometimes very whiny 2-year-old with me and all that comes with traveling with her is….TERRIFYING.  I’ve been fortunate enough to travel many places (I do not brag, like I should) but I’ve always gone with family or friends or my husband (who is family but pre-baby).  It was wonderful…Tote bag filled with the typical travel items – a book, snacks, little bottles of TSA acceptable toiletries, my laptop, iPad for games, etc.  Super Easy Right… But with a baby (she’s always my baby even at 2)…I mean, I’m terrified on going anywhere or to even begin the thought process of what I’ll need and just how in the heck, I’m going to carry her, my bag,her bag and maybe even the stroller. It’s exhausting even thinking about it. But… I’m ready to take the plunge. I think.

Since I’ve had Morgan, I’ve been afraid to travel with her.  Car travel is a different story but plane travel, I just hadn’t worked up enough courage for that.  To hit on the issue of car travel first, it took time for that to even become a reality that me and her father where ok with.  Her first month home from the NICU was only about taking her to and from appointments and that was it. Even with those, we were breaking our necks, checking the back seat every two seconds (that was if someone wasn’t sitting in the back with her – which went on until she was 2).  A couple of months home and we finally were convinced by family that it would be ok to take the 2 hour drive from Washington to the Richmond area for Thanksgiving, since everyone was attending (I was ready to make it a home Thanksgiving alone and say forget the ride).  I was panicked days leading up to it “What about an accident or poops or her being uncomfortable”…I was going nuts but the minute we hit the car and gave her a bottle – she was set and made it all the way down the road without incident.  It became much easier after that.  So we’ve done numerous car trips and they are lovely.  Nothing too far but 2-3 hours at the most have been uneventful and promising.

Now plane travel…Is a whole to-do. I’ve heard the horror stories about traveling with kids (especially Toddlers) from friends and family and I just wasn’t ready for it. Carrying a baby somewhere close (like a grocery store) is now a chore and so traveling in a busy airport with a million things isn’t my idea of fun. It’s where to begin that I struggle with.  Some background on me, is that I over pack for myself – so for her, it would be two times worse. Diapers and wipes, bottles and formula, clothes and toys, OMG. But I want her to experience traveling young (I know, she probably won’t remember it). I’m anxious to see places, I haven’t. Experience things, I have yet to experience and that I too often live thru vicariously by browsing Instagram.   I want to experience some of those things with my kid.

My first travel experiences where when I was very young – just ask either of my parents.  It was probably a big deal to get me and all my things packed and ready but they seemed to have done it often enough that it’s encouraging. So I began the hunt for Mommy & Daddy traveling with kid blogs or articles and BOY(or GIRL) was there a lot.  Some have wonderful ideas about traveling with kids of all different ages and others less speak on the traveling with them and more about the places they go to with the kids and what they do their.  Both are extremely helpful and actually have calmed my nerves tremendously.  I consolidated a listed of a few pointers that I thought would be cool to share below. I found these to be really good and things I will do when I book a trip later this year.

TRAVELING WITH KIDS POINTERS (Click the link for one of the websites)

  2. Take your time…There is No Rush
  3. Research, research, research!
  4. Where to sit? – Airport time – check-in online
  5. Be prepared for the climate
  6. Don’t forget the medicine
  7. Don’t overpack
  8. Car seat or not?
Some people swear by them, others think it’s madness to bring such a large item for the short time they’ll be used. They require an extra seat on the flight, and are quite bulky, but then you’re guaranteed to have it for any kind of car ride. If you do plan to take one, it might be worth investing in a car seat/pushchair combo so you don’t have to lug even more weight around.

9. Keep Calm

10. Enjoy it!

That was my biggest concern is stunting Morgan’s travel because I’m the one having reservations. With a little research, I found that it can’t be that difficult. Wish us luck!!! If you have stories you’d like to share – I WANT TO HEAR THEM!!!!! EMAIL OR COMMENT!!!!

Travel Blogs

If your interested in finding out more about traveling with kids, these are some blogs that I found during my research for this post and during my searches on blogs for moms with kids.

Peace & Safe Travels,


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