The Ugh Series

I’m just going to jump right in and say exactly what I’m thinking – “Ugh”.  It’s probably a grunting noise I make about 20 times a day and so during one of my daily “Ugh” moments, I came up with my “Ugh” series idea. There are times where the “Ugh” isn’t displayed by a contorted facial expression I’m making but more by a body movement or something else.  It’s funny because in college, during one of the many classes for my major, we learned about interpersonal facial expressions.  I never realized just how often peoples facial expressions express exactly how they are feeling or what they are thinking. It’s actually pretty interesting.  I mean not interesting enough for me to want to want to go back and do any more investigating lol but you get the picture.


“One of my many “Ugh” faces…Well this may be more the “Let me not say anything because I’m that pissed faces” 

Have many times have you had something where all you could think was “Ugh”? or you actually made the sound out loud? PRETTY OFTEN TOO RIGHT… Well that’s what my “Ugh” series is about.  Occasionally, I’ll be posting things that just made me say “Ugh”. I fairly warn you that it could ultimately be about anything lol. Just a spoiler alert – something about the state of what’s happening in our country may just slip out.  I mean it’s bound to happen.  I just ask that everyone respect everyone’s views and opinions, even if they are differing from your own personal feelings.

There is so much going in my life. I mean a thousand different things a day, thoughts and ideas. Things that disgust me or frustrate me or make me just say “Ugh”. Friends constantly worry about my stress level. It’s not funny but it kinda of is.  I mean they can instantly look at me sometimes and just know or be talking to me and based off how I answered the phone or how my text response is…They know.  So in my very first “Ugh” series that I’ll be posting next week – I invite anyone whose ever had an “Ugh” moment to come and “Ugh” with me for a few minutes. Please remember that it’s completely normal and ok to take a moment out your day to just say “Ugh”.

I’m truly excited about this.

Peace, Love & Understanding,


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