Who is Morgan Penelope?

Morgan Penelope is the QUEEN of my life.  She’ll soon win you over with her smile and her incredible story.  So here goes the story…

I wanted a baby eventually but was never in a rush.  I was one of those people who was really selfish and wanted to enjoy my life before responsibilities set in.  Had been with my husband for 9+ years before marriage got engaged, got married and then assumed we’d have a baby.  But because of a pesky health issue (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polycystic_ovary_syndrome) that there is absolutely no cure for but more manageable with lifestyle changes, we assumed getting pregnant wouldn’t be possible for a while but we did everything to ensure that when the time was right – she could latch on. Well after a trial of medication, the first time didn’t take but the second time…It did. Didn’t even know until I was feeling extremely nauseas and sick at a RAVE (yes I was one of those folks) of all places. We had to leave early and I decided to take the test and whelp – it was positive and all the emotions related to finding out came over me.  I was super excited and just really ready to be a mom.  My amazing doctor confirmed I was about a month in.


“We were at a New Year’s Party and didn’t even know that we were pregnant”…Luckily I hadn’t been drinking lol“We were at a New Year’s Party and didn’t even know that we were pregnant”…Luckily I hadn’t been drinking lol

Things went kind of normal in the beginning with appointments and taking those horrible and big prenatal pills and we were working up to our appointment in which we would find out the gender and all those good things.  I’d always purchased baby clothes when I found them so I already had a stash (no i wasn’t crazy but just assumed having a kid would happen one day and wanted to be ahead of the game).  So we got to our 21 week appointment to find out the gender and my husband and niece attended.  We had family odds going that it was a boy (his brothers all had boys first or eventually, so we just assumed). I really wanted a GIRL.  I just felt I would know what to expect more with a girl and wanted to have that first time Mommy experience with my daughter (sounds bad but I don’t care…GIRLS ROCK). Anyway…we found out that it was a GIRL. Yay for me right lol My husband was less than pleased originally but just wanted a healthy and happy baby.  SO….LET’S FAST FORWARD TO WEEK 24. Ugh


So a couple days into the end of my 23rd week, I was having stomach pains and of course had checked with my doctor but she assured me that I was ok.  At the end of that week, she had me see my maternal fetal medicine doctor (Who I loved, she was just really nice and informative). So my mom went with me and during that appointment they were trying to get a good picture of Morgan’s head but couldn’t because she liked to burrow down in my abdominon. One of the nurses suggested using the endovaginal probe because she just wasn’t sitting still long enough.  I had no reason to think that it would be a problem so I of course – agreed but only wanted my doctor to do it (which she was happy to too).  THAT INSERTION WAS PAINFUL and a little blood showed up when she took it out but I was assured this was normal and not to worry.  Whelp…I should have worried. If I had known better, I would have said HELL NO, but…

Two days after the appointment – I was in pain. My lower back was killing me, I hadn’t felt the baby (We already had picked her name – Morgan Penelope out)  move or wiggle since the previous night and so when I went to pee that morning – a little reddish brown coiled plug was in the toilet (Never seen it before) so I called my doctor but this was at 5am and they weren’t open until 8:30am. WELL SHIT!!! My mom was insistent on me going in to the ER but I was sure it was just normal and that everything was fine.  When I finally reached the office at 8:30am – they urged me to come in (that didn’t make me feel good…Had I waited too long?).


3 thoughts on “Who is Morgan Penelope?

  1. JJ(C) says:

    L’Erin….Morgan is your most beautiful creation! Loved from conception and now she’s a gorgeous and thriving beautiful girl. You are stronger than most could even imagine!

    I will forever remember our phone calls during week 24. You were and are so strong! Morgan seriously could not have gotten a more determined or perfect mother!

    Love you both!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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